Tutorial administration Reseller de Dominios

With this service, you will be able to as much manage of professional form your domains as those of your clients, being able in addition to create your own resellers of domains.
The data of access to your Control Panel of domains, will be sent to you once you realise the order and we have the corresponding confirmation of their payment.

The name of user to accede to the Control Panel will be the email address who you facilitate when realising the order in the data of your account of user of our Web.

IMPORTANT: The registry of domains is due to always do to name of the proprietor of the domain.

1. - Basic concepts.

2. - To personalize panels.

3. - Charges and prices.

4. - To register/To transfer/To renew Domains.

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1. - Basic concepts:

In the first place we will differentiate three figures or levels from user, which will have their own functionality and Control Panel.

Reseller: He is your main panel. From your Control Panel of reseller you will be able to administer the hiring of the domains of your Customers (normal clients), renovations, charges, prices, logos, etc.

Customer: They are your normal clients, who have their own Control Panel for administration of their domains. In order to register a domain we must create an account of Customer with the data of the holder or proprietor. Customer they will be able to have assigned so many domains as you wish. In addition in case of you to grant to them to bottoms they themselves renovations of domain will be able to realise registries directly/.

Subreseller: They are your own resellers (remarketers), which will have the own possibility of creating their subresellers and customers.


2. - To personalize Panels .

You have the option to completely personalize the Control Panels to which your clients will have access: logo, enterprise data, prices, currency, and language.

In the e-mails that it sends the system will not be mentioned the figure of �bacoCreación, and they will always appear the data that you form from the personalisation of the Control Panel. In these post office one inquires automatically into the details of the registries of domains (price, data Control Panel,).

In case of wishing it you can deshabilitar the option of shipment of e-mails of automatic form on the part of the system.

To see extended To see extended


3. - Charges and Prices.

- Charges
The system works by means of credit charges.
It will be able to see the credit that it arranges in option MY BiLLING/SUMARY, which by defect when contracting the service is to 0‚¬.

So that you or your clients can realise the registry/transference/renovation of domains must have sufficient credit in their account. If it is not therefore the operations will not be conducted.

It can recharge his bottoms from our webpage HERE

It can add bottoms to his clients from the Control Panel, these bottoms will be discounted of his main account.

- Prices
You can you can fix the prices of his different levels from users subresellers and customers, as much of global form as independently. He will be able to even fix prices different for each type (extension) from domain.


3. - Registry/Transf. /Renov. Domains.

- Search Domain
We will make sure that we have bottoms sufficient to carry out the registry.

We will verify the availability of the wished domain. The system will inform to us into if it is free, or on the contrary of if already it is registered. In addition it will suggest other possibilities to us similar to the wished one.

In case of transferences of domains from an old recorder, we will see that the domain is occupied, after which we will mark the option To transfer Domain.

The transferences are slower since the present administrative contact of the domain must authorize the process. For it the system automatically sends an e-mail to the email address who appears in the administrative contact of the domain.

- To begin registry process
Once we are safe of what it is the domain that we wished to register, we will continue with the process selecting the number of years that registered the domain.

- To create to customer
If the client to name of that we go to already make the registry of the domain existed as one of our customer, she will be worth with only indicating the email (user name).

In case of not existing we will introduce the data of the form to create a new one to customer.

It is important to remember, that the specified email address will be the name of user for the access of our new one to customer. In addition the direction to e-mail of each customer must be unique, since to repeat in several clients the same e-mail it will produce errors in the system mixing accounts.
- Contacts of the domain and DNS
Once selected or created to customer corresponding, we will ahead follow with the process specifying the contact data.
Recommended configuration:
Registrante - > the data of the proprietor of the domain, that will be the established ones in the account of customer previously created.
Office staff, Technician and Invoicing - > Because these directions are used for technical questions of the domain we recommended to use for these contacts the data of the company in charge of the registry of domains, in this case yours.
The administrative contact will be used for important issues such, as to authorize or to deny the transference of a domain.

In order to be able to select our data in the administrative, technical contact, and of Invoicing, we will select the option To add Contact.

DNS - > Is the directions or name of servant towards whom the domain must aim. These data will be provided to you by your provider of lodging.
In addition you count on the option to create your own zones DNS from your Control Panel.

- Methods of Payment
We have several options in this respect:
1. - To discount it of the bottoms of which it arranges our to customer.
2. - To execute the order without payment, but to maintain as slope the payment, until the client contracts the necessary bottoms.

3. - To execute the order without payment, but to cancel the pending invoice.
4 - RECOMMENDED: Not to have to walk putting and removing bottoms from the accounts of the clients whenever we want to realise a registry, as resellers we recommended to you to decide on the last option execute the stupefies request whithout reciving to payment. This way the system will directly discount the amount to you of cost for you of the contracted domains, without generating notes of pending payments, etc.

- Finalized
If everything has gone well, we will see pantala of confirmation of which the registry has been realised correctly.