Transference of Domains:

Norm for transferences of Domains:

INTERNATIONAL: (.com, .net, .org, .info,)
The transferences of all the international domains, including .com and .net, will need the knowledge on the part of the client of their code of transference or Auth Code (also call secret word by some Recording Agents).

This code will have to be facilitated to Mysciphone, when realising the order, or later. Without him, the transference proceeding will not be able to be initiated.

The code at issue must of being facilitated by the Recording Agent, or through some Panel of Management of the domain. It is to have of the client to contact with the Recording Agent if it does not know this code.

It will have to verify that the direction of email of the administativo contact of the domain is valid and is accessible on the other hand

NATIONALS: (.es, .com .es,,)
AuthCode does not exist, it will only have to verify that the direction of email of the administativo contact of the domain is valid and is accessible on the other hand.

In order to carry out the transference of any Domain, the steps are the following:

1. Verify that the Domain has more than 60 days of antiquity, and that their status is ACTIVE, and Not blocked, this is made by means of a WHOIS. In case of being blocked, the unfreezing will be due to solicit to its present recorder.
2. Users - to >Contratar the Domain from our store online HERE.
Resellers - > Must have the sufficient bottoms in the account of Reseller de Dominios. In case of not having bottoms, they would be due to add HERE realising the order from our webpage.
3. Users - > We will ask for the transference of the Domain.
Resellers - > From the Control Panel of Domains to ask for its transference (products/registry of domains/to transfer)

4. Once asked for the system it sends an authorization request, to which it appears as administrative contact of the Domain, which must accept it.
5. From the acceptance a term of 5 days is opened, in which the present recorder can interpose some allegation. Once passed these 5 days the transference one becomes effective, and the domain available from the Control Panel of Domains.

In case the Domain aimed at another servant of lodging, and in addition it wishes to change of servant does not forget:


1. To place the webpage and to create the accounts of mail associated to the domain that are used in the new servant.

2. To change the DNS of the domain.

To erase or to request the erasure of the domain in the lodging servant initial Web. 

Terms Transference of domain:

In order to be able to transfer a domain of another recorder, it is necessary that several requirements are fulfilled:

Requirements Details
The domain must be previously unblocked by the present recorder.
EPP or AuthCode
The present recorder must facilitate a password, also call EPP, or Auth Code, necessary to ask for the transfer of the domain
As minimum, it is necessary to ask for the transfer 10 days before the domain expires, since it is the approximate term so that a transference is completed.
I recommend myself to begin the proceedings with the advance (30 days) to have sufficient margin in case there is some problem.
Renewed domain recent
Normally the transference implies a year more of registry.
If the domain has been renewed recently with another recorder, it agrees not to transfer it until pasts 45 days.
Of thus not doing it, although it can be transferred, one will not add a year to the date of expiration.
Expired domain
A expired domain cannot be transferred.
It must be renewed by his present recorder, or must be expected all the terms of redemption until it is free.