Outlook error, surpassed connect time:

The error that reports outlook is similar to the following one:
The POP3 servant has not responded in 60 seconds. He wishes to wait for other 60 seconds to that the servant responds.

In case it receives this message of reiterated form, to be due to an precise problem with its connection of Internet, or that some parameter of its account badly is formed.


1 - It verifies that it has connection to Internet, it sails and it can visualize his webpage correctly.

- In case of having Internet and not visualizing its webpage is put in touch with us.

- If it does not have Internet tries to reinitiate its computer and to router/modem.
- In case of if sailing and seeing the webpage, also tries to reinitiate its computer and to router/Internet modem since usually he is effective.

2 - In case the problem sails and persists, it will have to verify that it can connect with the service of email of the servant. For it in its writing-desk of Windows (it sweeps left inferior) it would beat:

A black window with a line of text will be opened in which the following thing will have to write:
telnet 25 and to press ENTER

It will have to see a window as this:

If it sees a window similar to this, the connection is correct and the problem is in some parameter of the configuration of its Outlook.
The tutorial can be followed step by step to review the configuration HERE:

In case of not seeing this window it can be due to some type of filter of suproveedor of Internet, puts themselves in touch with us facilitating his direction to us IP and we will inform to him into possible solutions to its case.