Error 0x800CCC0F in the Outlook:

The error that reports outlook is similar to the following one:

His servant has finalized the connection unexpectedly (.) Number of error 0x800CCC0F


1 - It verifies the configuration of his Outlook Express, makes sure the correct configuration of his POP3 and smtp and configuration of accounts of mail and the user and password is correct. The best thing is than it erases and it returns to create the account in his Outlook

2 - If the problem persists, the possibility that fits its installation of the Outlook is corrupted. The manufacturer of software (Microsoft) will inform envelope to him how to reinstate it and to realise backup copies.

3 - Additionally, Microsoft indicates as possible causes the following:

- Its anti-virus, when scanning the mail, can be blocking the connection. In order to verify it, it deactivates temporarily his anti-virus and it comes to send the message again.

- If it has firewall, it can be that it does not have the access to Internet opened for the applications Msimn.exe (Outlook express) or Outlook.exe (Microsoft Outlook).

- Perhaps in the same way, his firewall does not have open port 110 for mail reception and the 25 for the mail shipment.

- If the error is not habitual can be because it is trying to unload a message a quite great attached file that is saturating the scanner of its anti-virus.

- It can have intermittent problems in his connection to Internet or you cut in the transmission as a result of saturation. If it shares its connection with different equipment can happen that they do not have sufficient bandwidth. In order to verify it, make sure that only You use the access to Internet