Filter Anti-Spam: SpamAssasin

In order to be able to diminish the annoyances caused by the Spam it follows these steps:
The Spam has become one of the majors problems of Internet, having caused multiple damages the users who receive them. In addition she is the person in charge to a large extent of the saturation of the communications at world-wide level, wished are not sent and hourly resent million of emails.

But that is the Spam? any e-mail that is sent to a user who has not asked for it.

Ethical conducts little of publicity have been extended by the network, sending million e-mails nonasked for to random accounts, this to motivated the legislations of the different countries try to end these acts.

As I can avoid to receive Spam?

All our lodgings Web include a filter that will diminish the annoyances to receive this not asked for messages of mail.

1. It accedes to his Control Panel, and presses option SPAMASSASIN. In the new screen we will press the option To activate/Inable.

2. Very important, when being activated the anti-Spam, all the messages that are identified as so, they are going to stop to Folder Spam of each account of e-mail, and not to the Inbox.
It is necessary to enter each account via Webmail or Control Panel, and to erase the messages within folder Spam. Since but they will go eating the assigned space to the mail account.