To erase stored post office:

In his accounts of mail they are stored the received messages, with time these messages are accumulated in their account, and can get to saturate it. For that reason he is recommendable periodically to drain the mail messages from Webmail.

If the erasure of messages of folder INBOX forms its Manager of Mail by means of POP3 (inbox) usually is automatic when they unload to our computer. Nevertheless considered messages Spam yes are stored in their mailbox.

In Managers of Mail as Outlook Express, Thunderbird and other programs, we have options to avoid that the unloaded post office are eliminated the being, and this way to have them available to be consulted from another computer or device. Also the problems of the famous formateos of the operating system of the personal computer can be avoided, that cause the lost one of post office. Of this form the post office are also stored in the servant.

In order to erase the messages, one is due to accede to the Webmail. Once identified, we will choose one of the managers of mail available (we recommended RoundCube), to see emails received (inbox or Inbox), and in addition a folder with emails considered Spam. It will have to select all the messages that wish of both folders, and we will press the option To erase everything/Delete all, once done this, have still not released the space, since the messages are in the wastebasket, to eliminate them definitively we will beat in Bleeding messages (in Roundcube manager, we have the option in the corner left inferior, in the option To drain of the pull-down menu.

Does Whatever occupy my accounts of mail?
In order to know it will be enough with beating on the icon to show quota.