You wish to harness the presence of your Webpage and to attract More Visits?

In addition to the creation of webpages, we offer diverse services of marketing online and publicity of your website:

Between the options of digital marketing, systems of publicity by means of the payment, most excellent exist and extended it is the system Google Ads previously known as Google Adwords, thanks to which our Web will appear in the first positions search as announcement in the part superior or the column.

In addition to the optimization SEO, the implantation in Social Networks, and services of Mailing for loyalty of clients., ofrecs one to be.

GOOGLE ADS (ADWORDS) (integral service from 95ぎ + IVA)

Indicated if you wish to realise a campaign of launching of your Web, to emphasize a product or service of immediate form, and generally for niches of market with ample competition, since the natural positioning is something slower and sometimes we competed with Webs and international platforms already restored, to which he is complicated to surpass of natural form.

Despite it is necessary to understand it as a complement to the natural positioning. It is necessary to consider that the payment campaigns increase in price the cost of maintenance of the Web to the client, for a campaign with certain impact we would be speaking of a minimum budget of monthly payment to Google among 50-150ぎ + IVA.

Focused service to optimize the yield of your investment:

  • Study of key words and costs:price 60.00ぎ +IVA

    • To create an account of user in Ads de Google with your data.
    • Key words will look for 15-20/optimal terms in cost and yield, cradles in the terms nails of its Web, and those that you indicate to us are desired to emphasize.
    • You will indicate the maximum monthly cost to us that you wish to pay to Google.
    • We will send the results to you of the study.
  • High of campaign: price 35.00ぎ + IVA

    In case the estimation of costs of the study adjusts to its needs and expectations would be realised the creation and the discharge of the campaign with the collected data in the previous study:

    • Creation and discharge of 1 campaign composed by a maximum of 3 announcements (additional announcements 10ぎ /unidad).
    • You will facilitate a bank account to us, in which Google will realise the corresponding positions.


  • We only received by the initial service of study and discharge in Google Ads. The amount of the advertising campaigns will be invoiced monthly by Googleat the expense ofthe bank account of the client.
  • For the study of key words and creation of campaigns in Adwoords he is recommendable simultaneously to realise a study of natural positioning of the Web. Of this form if our Web or appears in the first positions by some terms not we will be paying to Google by key words by which or we appear in the first natural positions.
  • Prices indicated for Webs in 1 language and between 15-20 terms nail or combinations, other options to consult.