To form Mail in Blackberry

Configuration of its e-mail client: Blackberry Internet Service

1. It accedes to its account of Blackberry Internet Service.
2. It clicks in Profile (Profile) in the part superior of Home Page (main Page).
3. Accounts (other accounts of e-mail) in the section clicks in other email Email
Accounts' (Accounts of e-mail) of its profile.
4. It clicks in Add Account (Ańadir counts).

5. The information corresponding to its account of mail writes.
* Email address (Email address): her email address writes
electronic she completes including ex:
* User Yam (Name of user): it introduces his complete email again.
* Password (Contraseńa): contraseńa writes his.

* Reenter password (Verification of contraseńa): contraseńa returns to write his.

6. It clicks in Submit (To send).

If it needs the information servers smtp or pop3, the information that must add you you are in both:
Servant POP3:

Servant smtp:
If its account of Blackberry has been formed correctly, Accounts Email will appear the page