Access to post office by means of Entourage

In order to form an account of mail in the Entourage de Mac it follows the steps that we indicated to you next.

It replaces the data properly: where it puts you must put your name of domain ex:

1. - To open the program. In the Menu, to select to the section Tools later and the option Accounts, as one is next:

2. In the following window to select New > Mail to begin the configuration of a new account of mail:

3. In the following window it selects the option To form account manually:

4. In the window that is next it selects the type of account MGP and accepts:

5. Next stuffed the data of the way in which it is indicated next and it pressed in shipment options outposts:

6. In the window Options of shipment outposts, selects the square referring to the out port, the habitual thing is to have noticeable port 25, in case of having problems with the shipment of the mail modifies it by the 587, also you must mark to the square My servant of exit requires authentication:

Finally we punctured in ACCEPTING everything and we have already finished forming our account.