To form Windows Mail

To form Windows Mail in Windows Vista (it replaces Outlook Express)

1. To opento theprogramWindowsmail, soonwe go awaytoTools, Accounts

 2. We give click in Adding

 3. We select the type of account, Account of E-mail

4. It asks for the name to us that will appear in the field Of

5. Soon it asks for the mail account to us that wants to form

6. Now it asks to us to form the e-mail servant, We wrote in Servant of incoming mail POP3: now we wrote in servant of salient mail smtp:

7. Now we entered the name of user and the contraseƱal, to mark to remember password if we wished it.

8. Finally the assistant indicates to us that we correctly realised the configuration of the e-mail in Windows mail.


9. Now we go to Tools, Accounts and it has appeared us our configuration of mail who we finished creating.

It beats now in Properties
As we can observe, it appears the complete name of the holder, the email address and
servant POP3 (or salient mail).

Now we pressed in the eyelash Servers
Here we have our incoming mail (or POP3), the salient mail (or smtp), the name of
it counts (the same that the mail until @) and the corresponding password.

To assure that the option My servant requires authentication to you is activated.

In order to leave, it beats in the button To accept later and in Closing.