Access to post office by means of Webmail

With this tutorial it will learn to accede to his e-mail by means of the navigating Web, will be able to manage all the aspects regarding his mail: to read messages, to send messages, to erase messages, to create filters antiSpam, address books The access is realised via Web and for it will only need a connected computer to Internet and its personal keys access.

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Access to the mail by means of Webmail:

1. In order to accede to the Control Panel of our lodging we will open a window of our navigating Web (ex: Internet to explorer) and we will insert the following direction:
It observes that the line of approach is just as the one of its webpage, adding an inclined bar and the webmail word.

Another option is to enter through Control Panel of the Web Hosting.

2. - It will appear to us a message that it indicates to us that we are going to enter a safe connection. We press the button to accept.

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3. Next it will appear a new message with information on the security certificate. In it is indicated to us:

a) That by defect we have not formed it in our computer.

b) That the certificate is worth.

c) That the certificate is not in the data base of Microsoft.

Everything is correct so we pressed the button to accept.

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4. - We will introduce our data of access, in the case of the webmail, our name of user will be our email address. We will press the button to accept after which we will accede to the Webmail panel.

IMPORTANT: He is recommendable that does not mark the option to remember password, since it is a potential failure in the security.

If it has some problem with the access to his Control Panel or has lost their data of access contact with our personnel.

5. - Once we have identified ourselves, we will be able to choose between two graphical surroundings to manage the e-mail. Both are valid and have the same functionalities, reason why the use of one of them will depend on its pleasure.

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