Management of accounts of mail by means of cPanel:

We will accede to the Control Panel of lodging Web cPanel, with the data of user provided by Mysciphone.
If it does not know since it makes click here

From our Control Panel of Web Hosting cPanel, we can manage our mail of integral form and in addition it has different tools to its complete administration.

The accounts will be tie with their name of domain
ex: for the domain - >
the accounts could be - >

In principle to only it interests the first option us, from which we will be able: to create, to erase and to modify our accounts of mail (ex:, also we will be able automatically to read and to send our post office, as well as to form the Outlook Express program.


Management of e-mail accounts
We are going to see the different functions that we must to manage the mail:
1. - To add/To create a new account.
2. - Listed with the names of mail accounts that we have created.
3. - To change the access key to an account.
4. - To change quota in disc (so large) of an account
5. - To erase a mail account.
6. - To read the mail.
7. - To form an account in Outlook Express.

1 AƱadir/To create a new account:
a) In the first square we will indicate the name of the mail account that we want to create, this account will be ligature to our name of domain, additional domains or subdomains.
ex: if test writes and is proprietor of the domain, its account of mail will be
b) We will introduce the password.
c) We will indicate the disc space reserved for the account, this disc space or size will have to be within you limit them of space in its plan of lodging.
To read/To send post office:
You will be able to send/to receive post office from via Web from three different systems (according to its taste).
For it the access key will be requested to him to the mail account that wishes to use.

IMPORTANT: It can accede to this option from the Control Panel of the lodging or putting in his navigating Web the following Internet address:
This way people with accounts of mail but without permission to enter the management of the lodging will be able to accede to manage exclusively their post office.
To create an e-mail account