Reseller de Hospedaje Web WHM:

With this service, you will be able to manage of professional form your accounts of lodging and those of your clients, being allowed to offer a complete service of lodging own Web.
The data of access to your Control Panel, will be sent to you once is realised the order and we have the corresponding confirmation of their payment.

We are going to give a review by the most important options.

1. - State of the Services.

2. - To create/To modify Accounts of Web Hosting.

3. - To create/To modify Characteristics of plans of own.

It beats on the images to see extended them.

1. - State of the Services:

Information of the Servant: Main characteristics of hardware of the servant.

State of the services: Indicators in real time of the state of the main services.

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2. - To create/To modify Accounts of Hosting .

To list Accounts: Listing of all the accounts that we have created, with information of its characteristics and direct access to its respective Control Panels.

To create Accounts: Option from which we will be able to add to add to accounts of Web Hosting associated to new Domains. We see the direntes squares in detail:

- Domain: Name of the new Domain, is not necessary to put the www, only the name and the extension
- Usuario and Password: They will be the access data, it is important that they are not equal, and to maintain some minimum norms of security as are that the key has at least 8 characters formed by numbers, letters and capital letters.
- Characteristics: We can publish by hand, but most habitual it is to assign some of the plans that we have preformed. This way all the options fill up of automatic form, with the characteristics of the selected plan.
In the part inferior we will be able to visualize the resources that remain to assign to us, and whichever accounts of each type can be created.

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- E-mail of Contact: It is important to put an email that works, since the system will send a series of messages when creating the accounts, or if there is any incidence.


3. - To create/To modify plans of Hosting.

To create/To modify plans: We have a series of plans already created that cover an ample phantom with needs.
Also we will be able to create own plans of lodging, personalizing his characteristics (the habitual thing is between 3-6). We always must consider that to each account of lodging which we have when assigning to him a series of characteristics, which will be discounted of the total which we have contracted.

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