Statistics of access to webpages AWSTATS:

From our Control Panel of the lodging we will be able to have a complete control on the visits received in our webpage.

We will be able to as much control the statistics of our domains as subdomains (in case of having them).

Between the diverse most complete options we recommended the option awstats for being and with simple graphical surroundings, in addition this available one in diverse languages.

Next to explain the main characteristics of this system of statistics Web.

IMPORTANT: Entendremos by website all the pages or sections that integrate our complete website.

Statistics of visits to its webpage
1. - Unique visitors: number of visits (in this case monthly) realised by different people.
2. - Visits altogether: number of total visits to our website, if a visitor to acceded several times so many visits will be entered as times it has entered the webpage.
3. - Visited pages: total number of pages visualized by the visitors of our website.
4. - Hits: number of clicks realised in our website
5. - Bytes: this is the consumed transference. When a person visits our webpage, she unloads his contents and their images to be able to visualize them in his screen, this is known as transference, and will be limited the characteristics of its plan of lodging.
6. - Statistical of visits per months of the year.
Data types
7. - Visits by Countries: we will be able to control since countries have acceded to our Web.
8. - Visits of Robots: interesting option from that we will be able to verify each how long passes the web search engines to index or to review our Web (ex: google).
9. - Duration of the visits: how long this a user in our Web? we will be able to control the statistics of the time that employ our visitors in sailing by our Web.
10. - Pages/Url's: we will control that pages or sections more are visited within our website.
Statistical data of its Web

11. - Operating system: we will be able to see that systems use the computers of the visitors of our Web, at the moment the majority of users uses operating systems Windows of Microsoft, although the weight of the free system Linux every time is acquiring more weight.
12. - Navigators: we will see that more of 95% of the visitors they use as navigator program Internet to explorer of Microsoft, since it comes built-in with Windows, despite also exist other navigators Web.
13. - Connections to the site: One of the most important options, since from her we will be able to control since seeking or other external pages have acceded to our website. We will be able to control the yield of banners or campaigns of Internet publicity.
14. - Key words: that words have used our visitors to find us in the different web search engines.
15. - Favorite: we will see if the visitors have added our Web to their favorite directions of Internet.

Other statistical data of its webpage