To raise Archives the Servant by means of FTP:

So that our webpage is visible to the public, the archives that compose it (documents HTML, images, etc.), will have to be in the Web server, that is the computer that is in charge to manage our lodging Web.

With this tutorial it will learn to being able to raise to the archives or modifications realised in his webpage, for it we will use the gratuitous program
NicoFTP that you will be able to unload of from HERE (so large 510kb, format zip).
Also we can find other programs as FlashFXP, or even some publishers Web that incorporates their own manager of FTP (ex: DreamWeaver, Frontpage).

We will install the program for it we will only have to decompress the file zip in the folder that you wish.
Ex: C:\Archivos de programa\NicoFtp
He is recommendable to create a direct access in the writing-desk of the program, for it we will press with the right button on the file NicoFTP .exe, and we will give the option to send to/creating direct access in the writing-desk.

1. - Disposition.

2. - To form access and to connect to the Web Hosting.

3. - Raise-Lower archives.

It beats on the images to see extended them.

1. - Disposition:

We will open the NicoFTP program, after which we will see its simple graphical interface.
Distribution in screen:

1. - Options of connection: with that we will be able to connect or to disconnect of the different servers who we have formed.

2. - Archives of our computer (local): we will see the folders that correspond to our computer.

3. - Archives of the servant (remote): they are the archives that are located in Internet, in our servant of lodging Web.

Line of approach of the management of the lodging


2. - To form access and to connect the Servant.
We will beat in the option to connect the servant. If it is the first time that we used the program, we will have to form the access data previously.

3. - We will beat in the new option.

4. - We will introduce the data that our supplier of lodging has facilitated us Web.

5. - We will connect the servant.
Basic characteristicses of the lodging


3. - Raise-to lower archives.

Once connected we will visualize in the left part the archives of our computer, and in the right part those of the servant. We will choose the folders that interest to us, and will be able to transfer the archives.

All the archives that compose the webpage are due to place within the folder www of the Web server.

It does not eliminate any file or folder within the servant who is not located within the directory www.

Within the folder www it will see that _private or _vti_ exists other folders , these folders correspond to the extensions of Frontpage installed by defect in the servant. These folders are not due to eliminate manually, to be able to eliminate it has them the option in his panel and control of the lodging of desinstalar extensions Frontpage.