Reseller de Hospedaje


Reseller de Hospedaje Web

Adding to the option of Reseller de Hospedaje Web to a lodging Web you will be able:

  • To create your own plans of lodging, with the price and the characteristics that you wish.
  • To have the cPanel and Control Panel WHM (Web Host Manager).
  • To have complete control on the accounts of lodging of your clients (to create/to modify/to eliminate/zones dns/).
  • BLANCA BRAND without no identifying or logo of our company, and with DNS's anonymous, or your own ones.

We are developer of webpages, reason why we know in first person the needs the professionals this scope, to manage and to offer competitive products to his own clients.

Our service for resellers is focused to companies and developers of small to medium size that do not want to be complicated with the management of the servers or its software and with limited budget and resources.

The service of reseller of lodging Web includes lΓ­mte of accounts of cPanel, that initially is established in a maximum of 15 accounts, this limits can be extended, selects in drop-down the option that better is adapted to your needs. 


Reseller hosting:


+ 75.00‚¬
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+ 99.00‚¬
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+ 190.00‚¬
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+ 275.00‚¬
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+ 35.00‚¬
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+ 99.00‚¬
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