Terms Expired Domains:

If its expired domain to begins a process of approximately 75 days, until it is definitively free. During this period the proprietor of the domain will only be able to realise the renovation, and will have to do it through recorder who manages it then. When an expired domain, cannot be realised its transference nor registry with another recorder.

The domain names happen through 5 phases, we offer an orientative table of the terms and generic phases. These terms can have exceptions with certain extensions.

State Duration Details
Available -
The domains available can at any time be registered.
Assets 1-10 Years
The active domains are domains that have been registered. The maximum period of registry of a domain is of 10 years.
Expiration 36 Days
Once reached the date of expiration, the domain, the website and the post office they will stop working. This period lasts 36 days for the most habitual extensions (.com, .net, .org, .info)
During this term the proprietor of the domain has the option to renew the domain without rates extra.
Period of Redemption (In Delay) 30 Days
After the period of Expiration, a domain can be registered by third parties by means of the calls backorders, reason why the domain him can be snatched.

In case of not existing backorders it spends to one second called stage the period of redemption (or in delay).
During 30 days as much the proprietor of the domain com third parties by means of backorders, has the option to renew/to register the domain, but in addition it will have to pay some additional rates that go up to around 60-90éČ following the extension of domain.

5 Days

Once finalized the period of redemption, the domain flock of the registry and is left at the disposal of the public as Available.

Terms Transference of domain:

In order to be able to transfer a domain of another recorder, it is necessary that several requirements are fulfilled:

Requirements Details
The domain must be previously unblocked by the present recorder.
EPP or AuthCode
The present recorder must facilitate a password, also call EPP, or Auth Code, necessary to ask for the transfer of the domain
As minimum, it is necessary to ask for the transfer 10 days before the domain expires, since it is the approximate term so that a transference is completed.
I recommend myself to begin the proceedings in advance (30 days) to have sufficient margin in case there is some problem.
Domain renewed recently
Normally the transference implies a year more of registry.
If the domain has been renewed recently with another recorder, it agrees not to transfer it until pasts 45 days.
Of thus not doing it, although it can be transferred, one will not add a year to the date of expiration.
Domain registered or transferred recently
It will not be able to again transfer until pasts 60 days
Expired domain
A expired domain cannot be transferred.
It must be renewed by his present recorder, or must be expected all the terms of redemption until it is free.