Registry of domains .CAT


One is an extension focused to the environment of Catalonia and the Catalan culture.

It has his own name of regional domain ex: in Internet, so that Acceder to their page is not a length and tedious pure gibberish.

- The registry will be always made to name of the client.
- The costs of the domains are per annual periods.


  • It does not forget to exactly indicate and without errors the name to us of the domain that wants to register in the field commentaries during the purchase process.
  • Once begun the Process of order their data will be requested to him. Make sure that their data are correct since the data (to title, direction, telephone, etc) seran with which will register their domain.

All the domains include Acceso to Zones DNS and to form the contact data, (recording, administrative, etc).

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IMPORTANT: The price for renovations is of 19.90‚¬

It is a domain of free registry, appointed any person, company or organization that wish to use the Catalan in Internet as communication language.

The only condition to register a domain .cat is that a significant part of the contents of the website is in Catalan although they also are available in other languages.

Number of characters: 3-62 (excluded extension)


It is a safe domain: Integra the last technology of the DNSSEC, much more safe for the electronic commerce. .cat is the second domain more surely of the world according to an independent study (December 2009 and 2010).

It was the first domain dedicated to a speech community.

It allows to register names with own letters of the Catalan language.

It is preparation for the Ipv6 protocol

It is managed by an organization without profit spirit, the FundaciΓ³ puntCAT.




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+ 40.00‚¬
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+ 55.00‚¬
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+ 75.00‚¬
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