To register domains .EDU.ES, .GOB.ES


Registry of domains of third governmental level or educative ex: in Internet, an exclusive extension of suo for certain institutions.

- Extensions available: .edu .es,
- The registry will be always made to name of the client.
- The costs of the domains are per annual periods.


  • Make sure that the domain that wants to register is available, for it can use our finder of domains.
  • It does not forget to exactly indicate and without errors the name to us of the domain that wants to register in the field commentaries during the purchase process.
  • Once begun the Process of order their data will be requested to him. Make sure that their data are correct since the data (to title, direction, telephone, etc) seran with which will register their domain.

More Details:

All the domains include Acceso to Zones DNS and to form the contact data, (recording, administrative, etc).

Domains with special characters:
accents, n. Domains IDN.
From October of 2007, Permite Registry of Domains . it is with own characters of the official languages of the Spanish State (accents, n).
Despite These domains They present problems as the Incompatibility of email addresses in Outlook and the Majority of mail managers, since the present clients of mail are not preparations for their use. Even so, the option will exist To send and To receive using the codified domain, but the directions become Pure gibberish:

contactar@m รณ - >

We did not recommend its use as it regulates general. In case of really wishing a recorder of domain with special characters, for example To avoid the registry on the part of third parties, we recommended to realise the Hiring, along with a domain that does not have special characters, and next to form the domain with special characters as an alias of the main domain.


Extension Domain:


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