Our Plan of Hosting more popular Web for webpages with applications.

Web is the Hosting that uses 65% of our clients, ideal for all those that need that its webpage uses data bases

Balancing is the Hosting Web more, focused for people or companies with average needs of space in disc and data transfer, with all the services associated to hosting professional. With the highest quality and the advantages to have your lodging Web in Spain.

Up to 2 webpages with Wordpress or Joomla working simultaneously. 

Autoinstalador of more than 80 of the most popular applications: Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, etc

With the lodging Web Standard Plan you will have: 

  • Own accounts of mail ex:, with the advantages concerning image and security that this reports in front of gratuitous accounts of mail.
  • Space to place one or several webpages HTML or php with 2 data bases.
  • Support for diverse domains and simultaneous extensions of domain.
  • Complete statistics of access to Web AWSATS.
  • Autoinstalador of applications INSTALATRON.
Quota of Disc: 10Gb
Monthly transference: 15Gb/mes
50 Cuentas of mail
50 Cuentas of FTP
50 domains
Limitless Subdominios
Awstats statistics
Data bases MySQL: 2
Installatron: Manager of applications
Control Panel cPanel X3
Support PHP, CGI's, Frontpage




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