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This Web uses own cookies indispensa for its operation and cookies of third parties whose purpose is to offer a better service with more functionalities, to connect with our profiles in social networks and to realise its anonymous statistical pursuit.

That is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the HDD of the user. The cookies cannot by themselves identify a person since they do not make reference to any personal character data and they are not possible to be executed as code or to be contained virus.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in its navigator when it visits almost any webpage. Its utility is that the Web is able to remember their visit when returns to sail by that page. The cookies usually store information of technical character, personal preferences, personalisation of contents, statistics of use, connections to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The objective of the cookie is to adapt the content of the Web to its profile and needs, without cookies the services offered by any page would be decreased remarkably.

The majority of the navigators accepts cookies automatically but also it is possible to form them for his nonacceptance, can see details in In this case the user will be able to sail by the Web, but he will not be able to accede to all functionalities, zone of users or to realise orders.

What happens if the Cookies are deshabilitan?

Some functionalities of the Services and areas of this website could not work correctly if the cookies are deshabilitan that use, as for example: contents mutimedia or the interaction with our profiles in social networks.

Decontamination or elimination of cookies

At any time it will be able to exert his right of decontamination or elimination of cookies of this website. These actions are realised differently based on the navigator who is using. The user will be able - at any moment for choosing what cookies want that they work in this website by means of:

  • The configuration of the navigator; for example:
    • Internet Explorer: Tools > Options of Internet > Privacy > Configuration. For more information, it can consult the support of Microsoft or the Help of the navigator.
    • Firefox: Tools > Options > Historial Privacy > > Customized Configuration. For more information, it can consult the support of Mozilla or the Help of the navigator.
    • Chrome: Configuration > Mostrar options outposts > Privacy - > Configuration of content. For more information, it can consult the support of Google or the Help of the navigator.
    • Safari: Preferences > Security. For more information, it can consult the support of Apple or the Help of the navigator.
    • It operates: Configuration > Options > Advanced > Cookies For more information, can consult the support of Operates or the Help of the navigator.
  • Tools of third parties, available exist on line, that allow the users to detect the cookies in each website that visits and to manage their decontamination.
  • If another navigator different from the previous ones uses, he consults his policy of installation, use and blockade of cookies.

Cookies used in this website

This website uses the following types of own cookies and third parties:

Cookies own:

  • Téccicas and security: (they are obligatory)
    • Cookie of session formed by a random code that allows the user to loguear itself in our area of clients and to realise orders online.
    • Cookie for reminder of preferences of cookies.

Cookies of third parties:

  • Cookies analytical: we use Google Analytics for the statistical pursuit anonymously (identifying data of the user are not obtinen). In this way we can know tendencies on the number of users that visits to us, to analyze possible errors of navigation and to improve our service.

  • Cookies of social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Table of cookies:

Ownership Type Temporality Cookie Domain Purpose
Own Technique Session osCsid To allow the navigation and the safe access from users to its area of client.
Own Técnical 30 days CB-enabled To remember election of usuary on storage of cookies.
Google Social It depends on titling visitor_info1_livepref Interaction with nuetro profile in this social network and to show videos of the service of Youtube, its use depends on the holder.
Social Session yscactivity
Twitter Social It depends on titling guest_id Interaction with nuetro profile in this social network, its use depends on the holder.
Facebook Social It depends on titling xs, sb, presence, pl, lu, fr, datr, csm, to c_user Interaction with nuetro profile in this social network, its use depends on the holder.
Google Analytical
It depends on titling 1P_JAR, IDA, CONSENT, OGP, SNID, PREF, NID, PREF, _GAT, _GA, _GID Use of Apis de Google, Youtube and Google Analytics statistics, depends on the holder.
Analytical _utma, _utmb, _utmz
Analytical Session _utmc

Cookies established by third parts

In the previous table you will see information of the cookies of third parties used by our website, for which we put means available so that they are blocked until DES your consent. Despite when they are accepted and visits a page with content integrated from some of these services you can be exposed to his respective policies of cookies. This Web, its proprietors, developer, and their software does not control the number. name, type, use, and the dissemination of cookies of third parties, which can vary based on the criterion of their respective proprietors.

For more information on these cookies you must see his policies in the Webs of those third parts, next we facilitated a direct link to you to this information:

Additional notes
  • The navigators Web are the tools in charge to store the cookies and from this place he must carry out his right to elimination or decontamination of the same. Neither this Web nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect manipulation of the cookies on the part of the mentioned navigators.
  • In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the navigator does not forget his decision nonacceptance of the same.
  • For any doubt or it consults about this policy of cookies does not doubt in communicating with us through the contact section.

We updated our Policy of Cookies?

It is possible that we update the Policy of Cookies of our webpage, for that reason we recommended to review this policy to him whenever it accedes to our website with the aim of being suitably informed envelope how and why we used the cookies.