Abacus Creation, based on the established thing by in Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Character data LOPD, the European Regulation of Protection of Datos (RGPD) of entrance in force is the 25 of May of 2018 and other legislation that develops them it informs into which:

  • It picks up certain personal data that are introduced and facilitated by the USUARIO/CLIENTE freely in their forms or via e-mail.
  • That these picked up data are the basic ones to be able to offer and to manage asked for requests and services.
  • It will maintain the confidentiality and the security of the information facilitated by the USUARIO/CLIENTE, as it is described in the Law of Protection of Data.
  • One is enrolled in the Agency of Protection of Data. A search can verify realising it directly in the webpage of the Agency of Protection of Data, look for by the term Abacus Creation or the name of its person in charge and ordered of data processing Ã?lvaro Larrínaga Jáuregui.

Person in charge of the personal data processing

  • Commercial name: Mysciphone
  • Identity of the person in charge: Ã?lvaro Larrínaga Jáuregui
  • NIF: 30668815V
  • Address: C \ Larraskitu nº2 ESC. Dcha 4ºD
  • Activity: Development of websites, lodging Web, associate registry of domain and services.

For the data processing all the established technical and organizational measures of security in the effective legislation are implemented.

Purpose of the data

  • To be able to establish a suitable trade relation.
  • That the CLIENT can ask for budgets, and contract the different services in which is interested.
  • To realise the registry of its domains and certificates SSL in the corresponding organizations of registry, as well as the management of services of asked for third parties to Abacus Creation on the part of the CLIENT.
  • That the CLIENT can accede to his deprived area to see his file of orders, dates of expiration, invoices, or to contract new services.
  • To manage renovations and to inform to him into future dates of expiration of contracted services.
  • To answer and to identify requests of services or technical support realised by the CLIENT.
  • To notify to the CLIENT of changes of prices and changes in the characteristics of products or contracted services, or of excellent information that he can affect to his webpage and/or associate services.
  • If the USER or CLIENT wishes it and it express his conformity, to inform to him by means of bulletins into the news on new features related to our company, our scope of activity, and commercial information of new features or promotions related to our services that can be of their interest.

For that reason we needed to know who is for being able to establish a suitable trade relation. Abacus Creation informs that it will automatizadamente manage automatizadamente these data for the administration, extension and improvement of his services as well as for technical and commercial aims on offered products and services. The picked up data Abacus Creation are only the basic ones for the indicated purposes previously.

Obligatory nature of the introduction of the data

In order to accede to the website of Abacus Creation is not necessary to contribute any data. Nevertheless, to realise information requests or to realise the request of a concrete service, yes it is necessary that the USUARY contribution data in the existing forms in the website for the purposes previously described. The fields in which it appears an asterisk (*) are those that requires an obligatory answer. Of being covered the consequence it does not consist of the impossibility to serve that is tried to contract or the impossibility to send the information request.

Legitimation for the treatment of your data

The legal base for the treatment of its data is: the consent.

In order to contact, to discharge from the hospital as user, to realise hirings, or to maintain the contracted services active, the consent with this policy of privacy is required.

Category of data

The categories of data that are asked for in our forms are the basic ones in each case to be able to respond to information requests and to realise the discharge or hiring of services.

  • Identity data:: name, last names, NIF, company and CIF (in case of being applicable), telephone and fax.
  • Mailing dresses or electronic: direction, e-mail and website.

Categories are not data especially protected.

During how long be conserved will the data?

The proportionate data will be conserved following the following criterion:

  • Until its suppression on the part of the interested one is asked for.
  • Also they will be conserved during the years necessary to fulfill the effective legal obligations.

In case in the maintenance workings inactive accounts of user are dectecten during long periods of time, without active services, whose data no longer are necessary for the purpose for which introduced charters, or whose data of contact are not valid, we reserved the right to its elimination.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The CLIENT or USER who introduces his personal data in the discharge forms will have right plenary session a:

  • To ask for the access to the personal data regarding the interested one.
  • To ask for its rectification or suppression.
  • To ask for the limitation of its treatment.
  • To be against to the treatment.
  • To ask for the portability of the data.

Asking for it to info@abacocreaci ó from the email address who appears in her account of user. Also by email electronic from another direction, or postal mail to direction C \ Larraskitu 2 ESC. Dcha. 4ºD, accompanying in these cases always the request with a copy by the NIF by the holder by the data and its signature or certificate by death.

We facilitate to interested the access to the personal data that we stored about them, which are accessible from its user area, from who it will be able to modify them to maintain updated them.

We commit ourselves to give to answer to requests of consultation and modification of information on the part of the interested ones in the possible brief terms and, in any case, in the established ones by the applicable legislation. Also, we will take care of the requests of elimination of personal data, as long as the trazabilidad of support and systems allows it, and is not necessary its storage and processing for the benefit of the service or to fulfill legal requirements.

We commit ourselves to take care of all the requests of opposition the data processing insofar as they are not necessary for the benefit of the service.

Cession of Data.

Abacus Creation only uses the data for the described purposes previously, does not yield data to no other Organization nor to third parties nonrelated to the services asked for by the CLIENT, safe in the cases in that a legal obligation exists.

The CLIENT accepts specifically that necessary the personal data will be yielded to other Suppliers of Services and Organizations related to the purpose for which they are provided to Abacus Creation, thus gives his unequivocal consent for this cession. The purpose of this cession is the maintenance of the data of registry of domains in the registry suppliers either organisms in charge of its management, as the ICANN,, Rest of Cash registers and Suppliers of Services used in each case, in addition to any other services that by their nature and operation require this cession as the lodging in datacenters of the lodging servers Web, the certificate hiring SSL, services of Google or other services of third parties asked for by the CLIENT.

Abacus Creation informs to the CLIENT who by means of the adhesion to the present general conditions gives his consent to the necessary communication and essential into its data to manage the services that it has contracted, communication ligature with the same purpose by which the data were introduced and, therefore, related to the free one and legitimate acceptance of the legal relation between the CLIENT and Abacus Creation, whose development, fulfillment and control imply the communication.

Secret and security

Abacus Creation commits in the use and treatment of the data including personal of the users, respecting its confidentiality and to use them in agreement with the purpose for whom they were facilitated, as well as to give fulfillment to its obligation to keep them and to adapt all the safety measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, and to thus guarantee its integrity and security.

Nevertheless Abacus Creation cannot guarantee the absolute impregnability of the Internet network, and he will not be responsible for the incidences that can arise around personal data when these are derived: either of an attack or nonauthorized access to the systems of such form that is impossible to detect it or to still prevent being adopted it the measures according to the state of the present technology, or of a lack of diligence of the USER or CLIENT as far as the guard and it guards of his personal keys and data, as well as to the establishment of suitable keys of security.

Veracity of the data

The CLIENT is responsible for the veracity of his data, committing himself not to introduce false data and to coming to the rectification from the same if outside necessary.

Abacus Creation puts at the disposal of the CLIENT all the means so that it can come to the modification of his data. It is allowed to realise this modification from the private and safe unique area that it has the CLIENT in www.abacocreació and to which accedes by means of the keys obtained with the USER registry; for that reason the CLIENT must be especially diligent in the guard and guards of these keys. The CLIENT shows that when does not introduce its personal data but those of a third party are in favor authorized of this one for their introduction.

Commercial post office

Abacus Creation does not realise Spam practices, consequently it does not send commercial post office by via authorized electronics that have not been previously or by the USER of express form.

In agreement with the LSSICE, the USER when registering in our Web, it has the possibility of giving his express consent to receive our bulletin of the news, regardless of the commercial information precise asked for. This consent can at any time be revoked from its area of client or responding to our post office with the LOW BULLETIN subject .

According to the arranged thing in Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of electronic commerce, we commit ourselves not to send communications of commercial character without identifying them properly.


When sailing by nonidentifiable data can be gathered, that can include, directions IP, geographic location (approximately), a registry of how the services and sites are used, and other data that cannot be used to identify to the user through own tools and of third parties. Between the identifying data they are not also the related ones to your habits of navigation in our website. This Web uses as service of analysis of third parties: to Google Analytics previous consent on the part of the user of the use of cookies.

We use this information to analyze tendencies, to administer the site, and to track possible errors of navigation of the site that allow us to improve the experience of the use of our website.

Data processing of personal character on behalf of third parties

Abacus Creation as SUPPLIER OF SERVICES, when their services in some cases are contracted must deal with files data with personal information of third parties.

The CLIENT as PERSON IN CHARGE OF the personal DATA PROCESSING of his own clients and/or users, accepts specifically that when lodging its webpages in our services of Web Hosting, or when asking for us the creation, modification, maintenance, or cualquer another task that implies the access to the file or data base of its webpages or applications, we will have access, in case of existing, to fichero/s of data of his clients and/or users, reason why she authorizes to his treatment and she grants Ã?lvaro Larrínaga Jáuregui, in the form and under the conditions that next will be exposed, the condition of IN CHARGE OF the DATA PROCESSING. in name and representation of Abacus Creation residing in C \ Larraskitu nº2 ESC. Dcha. 4D, CP: 48003, . . In future the SUPPLIER/In charge of the treatment.


  • The CLIENT is the person in charge of a data processing of personal character of his teeth, users and workers who include certain personal data.
  • The CLIENT, by virtue of Statutory law 15/1999. of 13 of December, of Protection of Personal LOPD, Character data (in future), is responsible for the treatment and destiny of the personal data under his supervision.
  • The CLIENT, is interested in that the SUPPLIER serves to him of computer science supplier. The SUPPLIER will have to accede to certain personal character data of the CLIENT to serve its, reason why by virtue of the LOPD, it happens to denominate itself, as of this moment IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT.
  • The CLIENT becomes person in charge of the regulation with the object of the Spanish legislation in the matter of effective protection of data, of his contractual relation and informative obligations in his relation with the CLIENT/END USER.



The benefit of services asked for by the CLIENT.


The ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT recognizes specifically that the data contained in this file are of exclusive property of the CLIENT, therefore, will not be able to apply them or used with aims different from the anticipated ones in this contract. In the same way they will be added to this file the registries that are generated after the signature of this contract and which they will also be object of the same.

The ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT will destroy to the conclusion of the contract, whichever supports contain personal character data, coming to the erasure from which is in their power, or automated manual or, so that the destruction of all the data is guaranteed totally, except for when a Law in force forces the ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT to conserve these data during a period of determined time, in which case will be come to the blockade from the same during the period of time that imposes this legislation


According to article 12 of Organic Iey 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Character data the ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT will have access to those data that the CLIENT provides to him and only will come to his treatment in agreement with the instructions indicated by. HE COUNTS and according to the regime of responsibility indicated in the present coniciones, not constituting this access in no case, cession or communication of the data, not even with the object of his conservation; but one is only a delivery of the same.


The SUPPLIER will realise the return, where appropriate, (in case of being applicable), the erasure or blockade of the data of the CLIENT once finalized the contractual relation or when they stop being necessary for the purpose with that they were compiled.


The CLIENT asks for the maintenance of having of secret (article 10 LOPD) on the part of the ONE IN CHARGE OF TREATMENT with respect to the personal character data transmitted to the SUPPLIER with the purpose of to realise served predicted. The nonvendera ONE IN CHARGE OF TREATMENT or will yield these data to third parties.

The ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT commits himself not to disclose the information contained in the file, to which the person will only have access! authorized of this company, committing itself to still keep this obligation after the conclusion from the benefit object of this consent.

The confidentiality will not be applied to the information that is or it becomes publicly available, without the parts have contravened their commitments of previous confidentiality.


The ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT assumes the obligation to realise an suitable treatment of the file, and according to the Instructions and directives of the CLIENT.

The ONE IN CHARGE OF the TREATMENT will not take responsibility of the damages derived from activities or omissions imputable to the PERSON IN CHARGE OF the FILE or the CLIENT in the assignee figure.

Changes in the privacy policy

Abacus Creation reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to legislative or legal new features, as well as to practices of the industry. In these assumptions, the changes introduced with reasonable advance to their putting in practice will announce in this page.

Acceptance and consent

The USUARIO/CLIENTE declares to be informed into the conditions on protection of personal character data, accepting and allowing the treatment of the same on the part of Abacus Creation in the form and for the purposes indicated in this policy of privacy


Revision of document 24/05/2018