Navigation, access and use of the website of Abacus Creation and its corresponding Control Panels confer the condition of user, by whom they are accepted, from navigation by the pages of Abacus Creation and the diverse offered Control Panels, all the conditions of use established here notwithstanding the application of the corresponding norm of forced legal fulfillment according to the case.

The webpages of Abacus Creation provide great diversity of information, services and data. The user assumes his responsibility in the correct use of website, this responsibility will extend a:

  • The veracity and legality of the information contributed by the user in the forms offered by Abacus Creation for the access to certain contents or services offered by this website. Also he will be responsible for the use that him of the access keys that it has obtained with the execution of the mentioned forms.
  • The correct use of the information, services and data offered by Abacus Creation in his website and the Control Panels of the associate services that allow the management of contracted products.


Abacus Creation does not become person in charge of the content of the webpages to which the user can accede through the communications established in his website, and declares that in no case it will come to examine or to exercise no type of control on the content of other pages of the network.

Also, it will not either guarantee the technical availability, exactitude, veracity, validity or legality of pages other people's to his property to which can be acceded by means of the connections.

Abacus Creation declares to have adopted all the measures necessary to avoid any damages that, to the users of his website, could be derived from navigation by their webpages. Consequently, Abacus Creation is not made person in charge, in any case, of the possible damages that by navigation by Internet or Webs of third parties could undergo the user.


Abacus Creation reserves the right to realise the modifications that consider opportune, without previous warning, in the content of his website. As much with respect to the contents of website, as in the conditions of use of the same or in the general conditions of hiring.

These modifications will be able to be realised, through his website, anyway permissible in right and of will be forced fulfillment during the time in which they are published in the Web and until they are not modified validly by other later ones.


Certain contents of website of Abacus Creation contain the possibility of hiring by Internet. The use of the same will require the reading and obligatory acceptance of the conditions of hiring established to the effect by Abacus Creation.


The rights of intellectual and industrial property derivatives of all the texts, images, as well as of means and forms of presentation and assembly of their pages belong, in case or as assignee to Abacus Creation or its corresponding proprietors. They will be, therefore, works protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal ordering, siéndoles applicable as much the Spanish norm as the norm of the European Community in this field, as treaties international regarding the matter and subscribed by Spain.

All rights reserved. In accordance with the Law of the Intellectual Property the reproduction is prohibited specifically, distribution, public communication and use, of the totality or leaves from the contents of its webpages without the express consent of Abacus Creation.


The juniors must ask for and obtain the permission of their parents, the tutor or the legal representative before being able to accede to a website or to discharge from the hospital as CLIENTES/USUARIOS in our Web, to contract no service, or to accede to no of the tie Control Panels to the diverse services offered in this Web or its panels of administration. It is prohibited the access and use from the portal to the juniors nonauthorized.

Abacus Creation remembers the users of legal age whom they have to his position smaller than it will be of his exclusive responsibility to determine what services and/or contents are or nonappropriate for the age of these last ones.

Abacus Creation also remembers that software exists that allows to filter and to block the access to certain contents and services, of such form that the parents or tutors can decide which are the contents and services to which had the charge of his they can have access and which no.

Applicable legislation

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