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Design of Stores Online ecommerce from

With the store online you will be able to sell your products or services through Internet. It manages of simple form from your company or from your own one it marries your virtual store online, you only need a connection to Internet for the management your products, orders and clients.

The virtual stores ecommerce allow the exhibition and sale of products organized by categories and subcategories, to show outstanding products, products in supply, new features, products with attributes (color, sizes.).

Our product includes the complete creation of your webpage along with the sale platform online.

We develop stores of sale online based on the most powerful platforms of the market:

  • Prestashop: it is the option recommended initially, one is a specialized platform in the product sale online whose power and facility of management of products and product variations turn it into the reference of the sector.
  • Virtuemart: Powerful application of sale online for webpages realised with the Joomla platform, ideal for websites that in addition to realising the product sale through Internet require of other applications or services in their website.
  • Woocommerce: Powerful application of sale online for webpages realised with the Wordpress platform, another standard solid in blogs and webpages.

All of them are free applications GNU, but that stops a correct configuration, operation and fulfillment of legal norms, they require of its initial development on the part of specialized technicians. Trust your project and dispón to us of a ready platform Web to sell the public. 

Already you have webpage but you want to incorporate in her the sale option online?

Consult to us without commitment.

The development of Virtual Stores includes among others:

  • Platform ecommerce for management, exhibition and sale of your product catalogue.
  • Manager of contents by means of which you will be able to modify or to add to contents and sections/sections to his Web.
  • Initial insertion of informative sections.
  • Initial insertion of 5 main categories of products and 10 references/products.
  • Fulfillment of legal norms RGPD.
  • Design responsive for visualization in all type of devices.
  • Optimization SEO and discharge in finders.
  • Connection to its profile in Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter. (the profile must exist).

More Details:

The Creation of Webpages with Venta Online sections include the following sections/:

  • Home: Initial page with texts of welcome and presentation, sample of outstanding products, supplies and new features.
  • We: Description of the company, experience, sector, values,
  • Services/Products: Catalogue organized by categories of services or offered products.
  • Location: Small-scale general-purpose map of situation and forms of access.
  • To contact: Form of contact, telephones, emails, etc.
  • Brands: listing of manufacturers.
  • Outstanding/supplies: outstanding products and/or in supply.
  • Legal warnings: Privacy, protection of data and cookies.
  • General conditions: General conditions of sale and guarantee.
  • Forms of payment: Description of forms of payment available.
  • Information shipment: Data regarding the product shipment.

The number and content of the sections are adaptable to your needs.

The Store Online ecommerce includes in addition the following characteristics:

  • Possibility of insertion of categories, limitless subcategories and products.
  • Finder.
  • Possibility of adding different attributes from the articles (ex: color, size).
  • Several Fotografías of articles.
  • Simple administration by means of Control Panel via navigating Web.
  • Complete information of the activity in its CyberTienda.
  • Statistics of sales.
  • Control of orders and clients.
  • Management of banners and bulletins of the news.
  • Gratuitous creation of banner.
  • Gratuitous insertion of 5 categories and 10 products (with 1 it photographs by product).
  • Form of payment by Banking Transference.
  • Form of payment by Contrareembolso. (% of surcharge in the modifiable purchase)
  • Form of payment by Paypal and credit card by means of Paypal.
  • Form of payment with credit card by means of TPV of the bank with which you work (optional not including)
  • Form of Shipment (Multiple Tables of Tariffs by cost or by weight).
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Impression of delivery delivery notes.
  • Possibility of emphasizing sold Products more.
  • Possibility of emphasizing the Last new features.
  • Possibility of emphasizing the Supplies.
  • Possibility of making discounts based on the amount
  • And much more. 


NOTE: each product incorporates by defect the following fields: name, description, manufacturer, model, price, image, weight, amount, date of availability,
If it wishes to insert more products of the 10 including by defect, either it you can do or your personnel, or we will do it we, in which case she will invoice at the rate of 15‚¬/unidad and 4.5‚¬ for his variants (for example color), for volumes superiors to 25 articles the price by product would be of 10‚¬/unidad and 3‚¬ for each of its variants.


IMPORTANT: Some of the applications Web that we offer are based on free applications GNU, that by their power have become standard solids at world-wide level. We in no case received by the application in himself, of which we included autoinstaladores in our plans of Web Hosting, but by its installation, configuration, insertion of contents, design, and adaptation to the needs and tastes of the client.


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