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Creation of Informativa Webpage with Manager of Contents + Photographic Gallery.

We develop your webpage with the two more powerful platforms of the market:

  • Joomla: it is the option recommended initially by his immense capacities of extension of functionalities.
  • Wordpress: another standard solid in blogs and webpages although originally more thought for blogs.

Photographic gallery of Images

It shows and it updates the images of his works/services/products by means of one complete gallery of images, manages them from your company or your own house. You only need a connection to Internet.

Indicated for painters, photographers, sculptors, galleries of art, and companies with a reduced number of products

Manageable application by you yourself, by means of whom they will be able to set out his images or articles organized by categories.

It includes:
- Possibility of insertion of limitless images/products.
- It includes initial insertion of 15 photographies.
- Each reference will consist of name, description, and image.
- Simple administration by means of Control Panel via navigating Web


 With the manager of contents you will have a complete control on your Web, having been able:

  • To create/to eliminate/to modify contents.
  • To create/to eliminate/to modify sections/sections.
  • To create the News.
  • To show in cover the outstanding news or articles.
  • Possibility of inserting in its sections gallery of images, video and documents for unloading.
  • To administer Banners.
We develop stores of sale online based on the most powerful platforms of the market:
Prestashop: it is the option recommended initially, one is a specialized platform in the product sale online whose power and facility of management of products and product variations turn it into the reference of the sector.
Virtuemart: Powerful application of sale online for webpages realised with the Joomla platform, ideal for websites that in addition to realising the product sale through Internet require of other applications or services in their website.
Woocommerce: Powerful application of sale online for webpages realised with the Wordpress platform, another standard solid in blogs and webpages.

By defect the sections/separated from the informative webpages with photographic Gallery are:

  • Home: Initial page with logo, slide of images, text of welcome, general description, module with recent or outstanding photographies, module last noticas.
  • We: Description of the company/author, experience, sector,
  • Services: Information of services or offered products.
  • Gallery: organized by categories and subcategories.
  • Location: Small-scale general-purpose map of situation and forms of access.
  • To contact: Form of contact, telephones, emails, etc.
  • The news/Blog. (optional)
  • Space to show banners in cover. (optional)
  • Legal warnings: conditions use, protection of data and cookies.
  • Map Web.

The number and content of the sections are adaptable to your needs.

    The creation of the webpage includes:

    • Optimization and discharge in finders.
    • Adaptable, compatible Webs yet type of devices.
    • Adapted to legal norms and of protection of data RGPD.
    • Connection to its profile in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
    • Tool of creation and Backup copy recovery of its Web.


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