If your company is located in , , or any other zone of the Basque Country perhaps you can take refuge (in case of being effective) in some of the subsidys offered by the diverse organisms:




UP TO 50% OF SUBSIDY for the creation of its WEB WITH STORE ONLINE.

Organism SPRI with its Hobeki plan +Digital@ promotes plans of implantation of the TIC's in SMEs AND ASSOCIATIONS of the Basque Country.

Between the subsidys, they include the creation of the webpage of company or association, whenever this one incorporates transaccionalidad elements (SALE ONLINE).

The subsidized amounts would correspond to:

of the total amount it stops associations.
- 35%
of the total amount for small businesses (less than 50 workers).

20% of the total amount for medians companies (up to 250 workers).

The request process it must realise the same client in the SPRI via online and the process would be as a summary the following one:

  • To ask for budget to company specialized for the creation of its Web.
  • To present the request with the budget and the rest of data asked for by the SPRI. After which the project could be begun.
  • In a term inferior to 40 days the SPRI will notify if the subsidy request is accepted.
  • The project will be realised and once finalized it will inquire to the SPRI and the direction of the Web and the corresponding vouchers of payment and invoices will be sent to him.
  • The SPRI will realise a process of evaluation of fulfillment of the necessary norms on the part of the webpage.
  • Once validated the project the amount of the subsidy will be phelp on the part of the SPRI in the account specified by the applicant
You can find information on the new norm of the program, as well as on the procedure of presentation of requests in the webpage of the SPRI

In case of being interested he is advisable to be presenting the requests, to avoid that the program exhausts its budgets.

If you already have webpage and you wish to incorporate a store system to him online consults to us, we will analyze your Web and we will exhibit the options to you available.

In order to realise any consultation we are to your disposition.


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