It complies with my webpage the effective legislation?

This is a question, that many people and companies with webpage would be due to realise. And those that wish to realise a new Web would have informed properly in this respect to avoid legal problems and possible economic sanctions

In this section we will try to explain in which it can affect the legality to your website, in addition we put to your reach a complete service of legal consultant's office and adaptation to legal norms.


All website must obey the effective laws and norms in the place where it declares and it realises his activity. In our case we treated the Spanish and European legislation analyzing the main points that you will have to consider to know if your webpage is affected.

Basically it would be possible to be shelp that if your Web:

  • It picks up or it stores personal data of the users by means of forms, data bases, cookies, - > Will have to fulfill the RGPD.
  • It uses own cookies or of third parties - > Will have to fulfill the normative one on cookies.
  • It realises or he is reflected of a mercantile activity - > Will have to fulfill the LSSI.

Affect does the L.S.S.I webpage or personal blog?

If your page is not commercial you are not affected by the LSSI. That yes, if you include banners to try to obtain some entrance by publicity, if you have payment bellboys to sell some product (for example a small electronic book or what is), or if you use it with any aim that can be considered minimumly commercial, then yes will be affected.

Exempt being to fulfill the LSSI does not imply not to have to fulfill the rest of norms.

So that to adapt my Web to the norm?

We can mention three main reasons, giving to importance each businessman or person to whom it seems more convincing to him.


  • To avoid the highest sanctions anticipated by its breach.
  • To guarantee the security of the data and information of our users and clients.
  • When fulfilling the law, improving the image to give in front of the client, increasing its confidence in our Web and offered services.

The legal one is a factor sometimes little had in account, and others completely ignored, as much by the ignorance of the users, as by the lack of a correct advising on the part of the companies developer.

IMPORTANT: In all the webpages realised completely by �bacoCreación it is including the service of adaptation to the effective legal norms.

I need to adapt my webpage to the legal norm?


You don't know the state of your Web? , you do not know clearly in that it affects the effective legality to you or as they are the proceedings to fulfill it.
Service offered to people or companies that or have a webpage but that they do not know the effective norm or if its Web fulfills it. We will realise an audit to know in that been is at the moment its Web facing the present legislation.
It includes:

  • Audit of the legal situation of your webpage.
  • Advising on the legal proceedings and/or changes that would be necessary to realise.
  • Budget of the service of legal adaptation according to the obtained results.

Price: 50‚¬ + IVA


Once realised the corresponding audit, given the results, and informed into the proceedings necessary to fulfill by your part or the one of your company, you will be able to directly realise those legal proceedings and/or reforms in your Web, or to delegate in us contracting the service of Legal Adaptation previously budgeted in the audit.

Orientative price 125‚¬ - 250‚¬ + IVA

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