Managing application of íos Contents/Portal joomla /Env of Bulletins:

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We will be able to send news bulletins to the subscribed users of our Web to these bulletins. This way we will be able to inform on the news, new features, etc to our users. In addition he will be able to create diverse lists of shipment (user groups), a same user could be in several lists, or no if he does not wish to receive post office.

We will go to the option of the Control Panel (Back-End) Component/Manager Bulletins, we will select one of the existing lists or will create a new one

Lists: By usuary defect or it has formed at least one general list called or clients. it will also be able to create new lists of subscribers,

Subscribers: They are the users of the portal, in each user we will be able to see that ready of bulletins they are subscribed and modifying them.

Bulletins: From we will create and send bulletins here, to create a new bulletin we will have to choose a already existing list of the pull-down menu that appears in the part right inferior.

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The creation of the bulletin is very simple and works just as the article edition. In bulletins the news of the portal can be enclosed directly Web, can also be added attached archives.

Once created the bulletin we will beat in Keeping, and it will take us to the initial window. Now already we can mark the bulletin that we finished creating of the listing and beating in the button to send of the part superior.

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We can send post office or the news to concrete users, or user groups (registered, authors, partners,).