To optimize and to publish images with Photofiltre:

With this tutorial it will learn to optimize images to be shown in his webpage, for it we will use the gratuitous program PHOTOFILTRE that you will be able to unload of from HERE (so large 2Megabyte format zip).

The aim to optimize the images or photographies is that these occupy less size in KB within the hard disk, and so to the visitors of our Web our pages will unload to them before.

Photofilter is a gratuitous program for its personal use that will allow us
to optimize, to change the size, and to even give effects to the images. Web of the author:

The program is in Castilian and it does not need installation. We will decompress the file zip and we will make click in him icon of the program pfstudiox.exe.

1. - To open image.

2. - To modify size.

3. - To optimize and to keep images.

It beats on the images to see extended them.

1. - To open image.:

1. We will open the wished image, usually he is recommendable to have in a folder the original images and in another folder the images that we are going to modify, also we can renombrar the images not to erase the original one.

Menu File - > To open

Optimization of images for Web


2. - To modify size of image.
Sometimes our original photographies can have a size (wide and high) too much lifted. This size is moderate in pixels, and
following the use of the image the recommended maximums are:
- Normal images or of products - > wide 500 pixels, stop 400 pixels.
- Images of photographic galleries - > wide 1500 pixels, stop 800 pixels.
Optimization of images for Web

In order to change this size:

In the menu Image we will select the So large option of image and will establish the wished dimensions.

By defect the program will maintain the proportions when changing one of values both (wide and high), if we wished we can unmark it that option but when losing the proportions the image is distorted.

Optimization of images for Web


3. - To optimize and to keep images.

1. Once we have the wished image open and the wished size we will be able to see his characteristics beating File " and " Properties of image we will see the size expressed in pixels, whatever occupies in KB, and that type of file is.
For our webpage we will need that our file is extension .gif, .jpg or .png. For the photographies the extension is recommended .jpg.
Optimization of images for Web
NOTE: if our image is not .jpg we will press the option knows ace-savar as we will put a name and we will select the wished extension. This will be the image that we will try.

2. We already know that our image has the suitable extension, so we are going to optimize it. For it once we give to keep, we will see that a new window is opened where we will fit compression.

To greater compression, the image will occupy less but it will have worse quality. fitting the quality to 90% the weight of the photo without much lost one of quality is reduced enough

Optimization of images for Web
3. Our image already this optimized, if we verified the properties of the image as at the outset we see that the size in KB handicapped remarkably. Only us that it gives to keep the image modified in our hard disk.

NOTE: a size among 50KB-200KB for photographies of mean-great size in the Web is recommended.

Optimization of images for Web

4 Procesar Lots of images
Photofiltre incorporates a tool of much utility to process and to optimize whole folders of images instead of to do it individually. The option is in menu superior:
Tools - > To automate /en mass
We will be able to choose the folder with the images of origin, the folder of destiny, the wished size, degree of optimization and other options, with the consequent saving of time and work when doing all the process of automatic form.

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